Friday, April 13, 2012

My Response to Ashley Judd's Letter

Let me get right to it...

I'm going to need Ashley Judd to shut the f*ck up! Yes, I said, SHUT THE F*CK UP! This is what everyone would like to say, but they are afraid she will write another long diatribe about how awful everyone is treating her. Here's a 43 year old celebrity who has reaped the benefits of media coverage, whether good or bad, and has managed to sustain longevity in a field that is largely based on looks as much as skill. Now, she is crying foul over a few negative tweets about her "puffy cheeks".

Ashley Judd took to 'The Daily Beast' to berate anyone who had something negative to say about her recent appearance on a Canadian talk show. The well written peace turned a few cyber discussions about Judd's less than perfect appearance, into a lecture on body image and the degradation of female sexuality. Well, honestly those are important social issues to address, and could lead to some great dialogue, after we handle the economy, poverty, etc. However, there are a few important questions we should ask ourselves. Let's see, did Ashley Judd write this letter 20 years ago, when she was being praised for her stunning looks? Did Ashley Judd write this letter when her own sister, Wynonna Judd, was being ridiculed and torn apart for not being as beautiful as Ashley? Did Ashley even come out in support of Tyra Banks being called fat, for an unflattering swim suit picture in the tabloids? Oh, how about just last week when Jessica Simpson was called "very fat" by a well known doctor on the Today Show? The answer to all of those questions is NO. You see, Ashley Judd doesn't exactly have our best interests at heart after all, ladies. Ashley Judd is only concerned with making Ashley Judd feel good for not receiving the positive press about her looks, that she's grown accustomed to receiving.

This double cheek actress, who starred in such films as, Double Jeopardy, wants the media to get their act together in regards to body image, when she really should just hit a treadmill. Look, I get what Ashley Judd was trying to accomplish with her letter, but I can't help but think how wonderful it would've been to see her take a stance when she was a perfect 10...not when she’s 10 pounds overweight! 'That's What She Said'