Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Letter to Congress!

Dear Congress,

Thanks for passing the bailout bill. Most of the bill seems reasonable, and other parts…well, I know you have to kiss some republican ass. However, I feel there's a company that was overlooked, but could benefit greatly from government handout....MTV.
Congress, I was flipping through the channels and noticed Star Wars was airing on MTV, huh? This network is a mess. No more luster or originality. They air marathons of such horrible programming like, For the Love of Ray J, America's Next Top Model, and So You Think You Can Dance (not even the American version). These ridiculous shows are products of other networks that made some no talent, clueless, empty head, idiot, executive at MTV say "wow, those shows are so hot we must get the reruns on our network." I feel strongly about spreading bailout funding to MTV since I spent most of my career at this network, and have first hand knowledge that the employees are paid in fruit baskets. So, I ask you congress, please, please, please put MTV on the bailout list, so they can hire some creative, intelligent, out of the box thinkers to produce breakthrough programming and reclaim their status as the trailblazing network that they once were! 'That's What She Said'