Friday, July 31, 2009

It's My Blog and I Can Get On A Soap Box if I Wanna...Soapbox if I Wanna!

So, this is what I hopped the political fence for, a Beer Summit? a Beer Summit? Since I'm about the only person not drunk on President Obama's "awesomeness," I have no problem saying that President Barack Obama weighed in "stupidly" on an issue that he admittedly didn't have all the facts on, then he plans a Beer Summit photo op for an overblown misunderstanding.
How intelligent could Professor Gates be, when he didn't even have the sense to realize Officer Crowley was called to protect his home. Instead, he let his hurt feelings and arrogance get him locked up for being uncooperative. However, it landed him at a Beer Summit with the President, so what do I really know. Hmmmmm, so when is the tea party coming for Rodney King and the rest of the black men who are REALLY feeling the heat from racists cops? Let's keep it real, if Officer Crowley was really out to get Gates, his arrest would have been accompanied with a couple of black eyes, broken ribs, and a night stick shoved up his ass. Call me crazy, but Officer Crowley had every right to ask for id from anyone in the house, after receiving a 911 call stating "One of the perpetrators looked kind of Hispanic." Hell, he's lucky immigration didn't show up, because they don't ask for id. Oh, and is it me, or does Gates seem to be the only one poppin' off at the mouth, in the photo taken at the scene of the arrest. Yes We Can, huh? ...Yes We Can waste America's money and time on such ridiculousness! "That's What She Said"