Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's My Blog and I Can Get On A Soap Box if I Wanna...Soapbox if I Wanna!

A teen took a fist to the face by a cop, after he stopped her friend for jaywalking.

Hello black community, I'm sure you're ready to speed dial Al Sharpton, start your boycotts, lawsuits, and looting, but I'm here to say, NOT SO FAST! I watched this video and saw an employee of the state having a rough day at work. What's interesting is, we as black people dislike when an individual from a different race calls us animals, especially when many of us don't act like animals, but I have to say, the two females in this video are animals. In fact, they acted like the monkeys that the intelligent portion of the black community work so hard to prove we're not. Let me break this video down from my perspective....

I saw a zookeeper, and two monkeys. One monkey is black, and the other monkey is pink. The black monkey is undoubtedly resisting arrest, which is against the law, plain and simple. Of course, I didn't see the initial arrest, but I do know when an officer says, "you're under arrest" that fucking means, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST. Now, the pink monkey obviously skipped the lesson from her parents, single mom, or teachers, of respecting law enforcement, and never to hit anyone, because she didn't just hit someone, but....She hit a police officer. Not only was the officer absolutely justified in punching the pink monkey's lights out, but he also should have put the black monkey in a sleeper hold. The cop clearly didn't grow up watching wrestling, because he was supposed to camel clutch that hoe.

Look, being a police officer is not an easy job, and yes there are some crooked cops, but there are also good cops out there. The cop in this video was trying to do his job, a job that probably pays a measly 40,000 per year, and these individuals made it very difficult. Yes, I said 40,000, and that's on the high end of the pay scale. Hell, I won't answer my damn phone for a full-time 40,000k job, so forget about dealing with this shit. However, we have individuals who are willing to serve and protect us, so we need to serve, protect, and respect them. I salute this gentleman, he's in a mob environment, being attacked by two crazy ass bitches, and all they walked away with were hurt feelings, and a bloody nose. This is not a race issue in my eyes, it's an intelligent issue, because when you decide to fight with a cop, you're clearly not dealing with a full deck. Now, I know people will call me a sell-out, or an "Aunt Tomina," but I'm more than happy to wear that crown. After looking at these two animals....It's clear I sold out many years ago, when I was raised to be a dignified person, instead of an angry black bitch, who has no respect for the law or authority! "That's What She Said"