Friday, June 25, 2010

The Anniversary: My Michael Jackson Tribute

June 25, 2009- The day my childhood laughed, cried, and died. Words can't express the sadness that I'm feeling, not because I knew Michael Jackson, but because I grew up with Michael Jackson's music and greatness. I could measure my childhood with a Michael Jackson music stick, and I feel privileged that I lived through a time to witness his creative gifts and talent. Yet, I feel awful for the generations to come, who will never bare witness to this virtuoso.
As I think back, Michael Jackson is responsible for many "1st" in my life......

"My 1st emergency room visit"- This particular day I was so determined to record the song Somebody's Watching Me from the radio. A song where MJ only performed the backup vocals. I sat waiting and waiting for it. Then, my younger brother asked "chalaire would you like to play monopoly." So, I was in the middle of an intense game of monopoly, probably stealing from the bank, as I often did when playing against my brother Dee. All of a sudden, I heard, "Somebody's Watching Me" coming from the radio. As I tried to leap over my brother's head, I tumbled down a flight of stairs, and was knocked unconscious. I wore glasses at the time, so there were broken pieces of glass stuck in my eyes. My mom ran into the emergency room with me tossed over her shoulders explaining, "She was trying to record a Michael Jackson song," while my younger brother cried "Oh no Michael Jackson killed my sister."

"My 1st Halloween beat down"- One particular Halloween I planned to dress as Michael Jackson. I had the socks, the glove, and a fake Thriller jacket, so it was a no-brainer. My mom felt there were going to be too many kids with the same idea idea, so at the last minute she said, "you're going as Tina Turner." I cried for 2 hours, refusing to get dressed. I then screamed at the top of my lungs that my mom was an abuser for not letting me dress as Michael Jackson....she quickly taught me the real definition of abuser!

"My 1st organized group"- I was such a class clown that i couldn't be bothered with the bad kids and after school gangs, so my friends Lonnie, Gina, and I started a group called The Jackson Crew, because we were huge Michael and Janet fans. Now, in order to be in The Jackson Crew, you had to be able to take turns hosting Michael & Janet Jackson viewing parties at your house. In addition, we had to celebrate every Jackson family member's birthday with a baked chocolate cake, and be able to duplicate every dance move at the drop of a dime. These parties became a big hit, as we held them once per week after school. My mom purchased chocolate cake mix like it was going out of style!

"My 1st charitable donation"- One day I decided to listen to We Are The World, about 50 times in a row before my mother said, "That's enough Chalaire." It inspired me to ask for an early allowance, in which, I mailed my cash allowance to the USA for Africa Foundation....I'm assuming they've never received it, but I thought I was helping Michael Jackson!

As I remember hanging around the TV to catch a brand new Michael Jackson video, arguing with classmates over who was better, Prince or Michael Jackson, receiving a phone call from my childhood friend Gina today, or cringing from reading tragic stories of his life, one thing is for sure, his music has touched everyone in some way, and because of his raw, genuine talent, his music will live on forever. A musical genius, a voice that will forever be ingrained in our hearts & minds. Never to be forgotten. MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON, THE TRUE KING OF MUSIC! R.I.P! "Do you remember the time...when we fell in you remember the time."

"If u enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with"-MJ 1958-2009

My favorite Michael Jackson video-Smooth Criminal